Reports from Dad’s Medical Team

11 Feb

Last week, Mom asked me if I could come up for a couple of doctor’s appointments today. I agreed and there were no problems with the plan until some kind of nasty cold body-slammed me last night. I went, but did not TOUCH them and kept my distance. And I hated to go, but Mom needed another set of ears and another brain with her. I could provide the ears, but … we needed a brain …

Dad’s neurosurgeon checked him out and said everything looks good. He wants to do another CT scan and then get together and talk about how we will tackle the NPH problem now that we don’t have the shunt in place. We knew that was coming and Dad is slowly starting to show some signs. But, all in all, it was a good visit (except for the fact that the medical transport people were WAYYYYY late picking us up)
We went back to rehab (The Cottages at Brushy Creek, part of the Greer campus of GHS). I made a short stop at Schlotski’s (sp??) since Dad missed lunch at the cottage. I think he like that roast beef sandwich better anyway …
After lunch, we met with the Care Team at the Cottage (a nurse rep, a PT rep, and the social worker). It seems Dad is making all A’s right now, but still no idea of when discharge might happen. A few more goals must be reached before we will talk about that!!! It IS good to hear that they are pleased with his progress, though!
Then, I got back in my car, drove back to Florence, and passed out. I’d already made arrangements for Bible study tonight and I don’t think anyone up there wants to catch what I have.
HOWEVER, if they do, tell them to come on over for a HUG!!!!

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