Where have I been???

18 Feb

Yeah, I know. It’s been a while. For a little update, Dad is doing better daily. Still in rehab hospital. He did have a fall last Thursday, but seems to be fine from it. We still don’t have a timeframe for when he might be released.

The past few weeks have been non-stop. No real downtime at all. Most recently, Ebenezer had a deacon’s retreat at the beach this past weekend (in the SNOW!!) and then on Monday it was off to Ridgecrest Conference Center for the Worship Arts Technology Summit.
WATS was very impressive. They brought in the big dogs from SHURE, YAMAHA, and a variety of other companies who serve churches with technology. And these guys taught us, listened to us, spent one-on-one time talking about OUR technology issues. It really was great!! Like a thirsty man standing in front of a fire hydrant, it was overwhelming at times. But we all came back with tons of ideas and resources.
Now, to get things ready for Sunday and try to get some rest so this cold I’ve had for a week now will completely go away!!

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