Figured something out about myself

24 Feb

One of the complexities in the psyche of David Raymond Wike is that I am a middle child. That DOES mean it is in my nature to try to make sure EVERYONE is happy. Sometimes I get burned because of that.

And the flip side of that coin is this: I really do try my best to put people first and feel rotten when I am not able to do that. But there are people in this world that do NOT share that philosophy, and do not care how others perceive them, and don’t really mind leveling those around them.
And I have a difficult time with that. I am not perfect, but I really do try to treat others well. I am learning that just because I do that doesn’t mean I can expect others to do the same.
And it took me 43 years to learn that. So, I guess I am hard-headed, too!

One Response to “Figured something out about myself”

  1. Beverly March 3, 2010 at 5:39 am #

    I'm just now getting around to checking back in with you on your blog to get updated with the latest on you, your Dad, and the family. This comment is for this particular blog, though. When I read it, I'm reminded how many times Russell tells me to "lower my expectations and then my feelings won't get hurt." I'm a middle child, too, and we do aim to please everyone and to be "peacemakers" sometimes at our own costs of peace. People just don't act/behave like you or I might expect. That's just a fact. And it's hard to understand "why not" when it seems so simple. Maybe it would help you some to lower your expectations ss a way to protect your own heart. I'll keep praying with you about this.Beverly

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