Our last and only shot

24 Feb

Here is it, for what it’s worth:

I was shocked, to say the least, at how much Dad has regressed in the past two weeks. His balance is so bad that he hasn’t walked in the last three days. He is now dragging his feet again. Mentally he gets mixed reviews … I don’t think he is as sharp as he was, but the speech therapist says his memory is getting better every day … That is the one bright spot of this!
What all of this says to me, and Dr Nelson as well, is the NPH symptoms have returned. We knew this would happen, we just didn’t know when. So yesterday we discussed a lumbar drain, which Dr Nelson feels will be safer and the risk of subdurals won’t be as great (I don’t understand why, but again, I am NOT a neurosurgeon). But I agree 100% that we should do this. We asked him what our prognosis is … He said if this works, and there is NO REASON it shouldn’t, the prognosis is great: Dad should walk again and recover more!! If not, well this is our last shot. There really is nothing more we can do.
So, with all of that typed, we have much riding on this next surgery. And we are doing it on MONDAY. According to Dr Nelson, we should only be in the hospital for two days and be back at rehab by Wednesday.
All I can ask is please pray!

One Response to “Our last and only shot”

  1. Martha February 24, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    As always, your dad and mom AND you, Elaine and Donna are in my prayers. It's hard but God has the answer and we'll pray that it all works out perfectly. I love you!

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