What, exactly, are we doing here?

15 Mar

God put us here for a reason. And it boggles my mind that some would not want to know why … would not want to pursue His will, or even know it. And WHY?? Fear.

It takes great courage to trust God enough to follow HIS will and HIS guidance. Deep down inside we think we know best and ultimately we think ourselves to be the highest authority in our own lives. Our independence creates quite a tension in life.
What are we doing when we don’t seek God and His will? WE ARE FAILING TO TRUST. We are just plain failing.

One Response to “What, exactly, are we doing here?”

  1. Jim Crooks March 15, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    That is so cool to know that even us preacher types grow in our faith every day. When our earthly father is so sick, and when our circumstances are tough, our Heavenly Father is faithful and loves us in spite of our failings. I listen to my own stuff and then to yours and it is as if heaven knocks on my own heart reminding me that "one of these days" we won't fail to trust any more. Until then our patient and loving Father is watching over us. Halleluia. Know I am praying for you today. Jim Crooks

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