Close to the Finish Line

19 Apr

Yes, the Wikes took another road trip this weekend. Drove to Easley Thursday night after Drew’s track meet … Worked like CRAZY for two days … (We DID go pick Krissy up after her last Friday class so she could JOIN us in the madness) … Spent some time with Dad each afternoon … Drove back to Florence LATE Saturday night.

It’s another Monday and I sit here wondering where the weekend really went?? We got lots of furniture moved, a couple of little ramps built, and several other things done. But there is so much more to do and Dad is coming home on Thursday …
I AM thrilled that he is coming home, even in spite of the circumstances. Is he ready??? Really not sure about that one. But his rehab days are running out and the case worker strongly advises us to save some. AND Mom is very close to the end of her rope concerning staying in Greer every night and day, with only a quick trip home to wash clothes, take a shower, and feed the dog.
Dad IS doing somewhat better. But he really has seemed to plateau. Hopefully home will make a big difference. He is so close to the finish line of THIS particular race. Hope he has a good week!!!

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