My Purchase

27 Apr

Yes, I used Twitter yesterday to call out for prayer.  I really do believe God will be with us, even in the most stressful times of life.  I ran through the gauntlet yesterday at a dealership in Florence.

Diana was in last week for some warranty work on her car and mentioned to our service guy (with whom we have a pretty good relationship) that we were looking for something to replace Gretta the Jetta (Krissy’s long lost VW), but we were not looking to spend a fortune.  (OK, we had already decided if we could find something that Krissy would take Ramone (MY Accord) and I would drive an older car for a while.  One of the sacrifices a parent makes who has one in college and one about to get his driving permit.)

Well, as luck would have it, they had just received an older car that was immaculate.  And it WAS!  And it was in our price range, too.

So the research started … All over the internet, looking for recurring problems.  In every way, this car seemed to be a good choice.  Then we realized that we KNOW the couple that traded this car in.  SO …  I called and asked a few questions.  I DID NOT AS ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY for a couple of reasons, the biggest being keeping this thing ethical.  I believe in doing honest business.  I found out everything about the history of the car, and quite frankly, was even MORE interested in it.  And then the bad news … it was overdue for a timing belt change.  That would HAVE to be part of the deal.

When we sat down with our salesman, I told him we don’t play games.  I told him everything I’d found that I wanted fixed.  Three of those were minor repairs, and then the timing belt (and water pump).  And the haggling began!  (WAIT, I THOUGHT WE DIDN’T PLAY GAMES!!)  Diana had researched the prices of this car from all over, both from multiple book values AND what is for sale right now on different lots and by different individuals.  After a long, painful negotiation, we bought the car and my mechanic will be doing the repairs.  Which, honestly, I KNOW he will not cut any corners.  I really thought they would’ve preferred to make the repairs, and we DID negotiate it both ways.  But either their used car manager LIED to me OR they have some serious internal issues at this particular dealership.  My guess is the first.

And I hate it when people lie to me.  Makes me wonder if I will ever go back to this dealership, one at which I’ve bought three of my last four cars.

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