I love it when a plan comes together …

14 May

Yes, I saw Liam Neeson utter that famous phrase as Hannibal Smith on the A-Team preview and now I must see it!!  But that is NOT what this entry is about …

In the last couple of weeks I’ve posted several negatives about Cale Yarborough Honda.  Don’t know if I will EVER do business with them again.  HOWEVER, I feel the need to post a POSITIVE about another local business:

Don’t you LOVE it when you go to a local business and they do EXACTLY what they say they will do??  And they tell you the TRUTH!   And everything fits what you expected TO A TEE!!  (And it didn’t even cost as much as you thought it would??)

That is exactly what I get every time I deal with Norton Car Stereo in Florence.  And, if there is a problem, they fix it …  And many times they can figure things out that CAR DEALERS don’t even understand, with things OTHER than stereo issues.

Now I will admit that Jimmy and Connie are good friends of mine.  But I’ve also watched them deal with OTHERS and seen the same results.  And, when a business works hard to keep their customers happy, their customers always want to COME BACK.

And sometimes they even blog about it!!!!

One Response to “I love it when a plan comes together …”

  1. John Lee May 14, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    Kristie needs the CD player in the Benz looked at. Will take ti there on your rec.

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