Doing the right thing

12 Jul

I know that doing the right thing is always the way God wants me to go.  Sometimes it is also the most difficult path forward.

Don’t get me wrong … Sometimes it is EASY to do the right thing.  And OBVIOUS.  And then there are times in life when it is not easy … and not so obvious.  Times when PRAYER and TRUST IN GOD are the only guides I have going for me.  As a pastor, there are times when I KNOW I will catch flack for doing the right thing.  Sometimes God calls us to do things that are not popular and not so readily understood by others.

And, yet, I know if I trust Him and stay close, He will protect me from all of that.  And He will protect His church.

Ultimately, as much as I love His church, I know He loves it a billion times more …And that’s a lot!

2 Responses to “Doing the right thing”

  1. greg July 12, 2010 at 6:57 am #

    I’ve been known to be the guy at work that makes waves. I’ve made waves simply because I refuse to reform to corporate ideals that encourage “white lies”. At the end if the day I an glad that I pleased God and not man…

  2. BMB July 12, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    My struggle is often being blind to the way to DO the right thing. Seems the obstacles are insurmountable (sp?). Then He brings someone across my path who has climbed the unclimbable, endured the unendurable, suffered the unsufferable and come out on the other side with faith stronger, brighter and undeniable. Forge on, Pal, I’ve got your back! And there is an army right there with me!

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