A trip to Montgomery

21 Jul

In what seemed like a world record pace, we finally make it down to Montgomery.  Diana and I took Mom; Dad stayed with Elaine and Karl (who flew up from Tampa for this).  It was the first time Mom had done ANYTHING like this.  That, in itself, is a small victory!

The original plan was for Dad to give Jake his first salute from an enlisted man … (Dad was in the Army once upon a time).  But the doctors and therapists told us there was NO WAY he should go on this.  So it was bittersweet …

We did this for Jake.  Other things happened that are probably best not blogged.  It was good to see him before this rollercoaster called the Air Force career begins for him.  We won’t see him for a while now … It was also great to see his sister, Jill.  She has grown into quite a young woman.

All in all, it was a good trip.  But I am really dragging this morning after driving 8 hours!!!!

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