26 Jul

(Today’s funny from Mikey.

The pastor said to Mr. Smith, one of his long-time parishioners, “Thank you, Mr. Smith, for attending out church.  I wish I had twenty parishioners like you.”

“Gosh, it’s nice to hear that, Pastor, but I’m kind of surprised,” admitted Smith.  “You know that I complain about every sermon and hardly ever give money.”

The pastor said, “I’d still like twenty parishioners like you. The problem is, I have two hundred.”


Okay, only a pastor would laugh at that … And I’ll be honest, in a 1300-member church, I really DON’T believe there are 200.  But there are some …  Are YOU one of the 200?

It never ceases to amaze me that some people thrive and survive on conflict.  You know the type … they are not happy unless they are UNhappy.  So they make it their business to find fault with everything and everyone.  And here is a little secret:  NOTHING and NO ONE but God is perfect.  So if you look closely enough, you WILL FIND imperfections and problems EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK.

So, are you looking??  Do you focus on the negative, or on the positive??  Focussing on the positive is the best way to survive!  Seriously, none of us are perfect.  Why focus on the negative in others when there is so much positive out there??

Don’t get me wrong … this does not give us licenses to bring less than our best to God.  As individuals and as a church, we need to bring our best and give our best every time when come to His altar.  And if we would each focus on OURSELVES and what IS our best, we would all be much better off.

Are you looking for the good or the bad in things?????

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