Realizing there is MORE to His church than just me!!

3 Aug

One of the common mistakes made by people all over the world is the belief that what THEY are doing for the Kingdom of God is the ONLY THING GOING ON IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!  Wow … we couldn’t be more wrong.

Paul wrote to many churches about the multitude of gifts God gave each local church.  And when a church gathers together, and begins to use the gifts God gave them, many great ministries blossom and grow.  And the Kingdom of God flourishes.  And, I believe He smiles BIG!!!

I look at the garden that is Ebenezer and I see MANY THINGS that glorify Him:  Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Weekday Ministry, Worship ministry, mission projects (Angel Food, Creekside, Honduras, Haiti), and the list just KEEPS ON GROWING.  I’d better stop here, because I cannot possibly name all of them.  And all of them have a place in the kingdom.  And all of them co-exist at EBC.  (And, at many OTHER churches, too!!)

I pray EACH of them will continue to grow, continue to bless God’s name and build His kingdom.  And I pray that HE will help US co-exist for many, many decades to come!!!

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