Five things

10 Aug

I’ll start with five things that bug me …

Dangerous topic.  Could be a dangerous post.  Could make some folks mad at me.  What’s new???  (Disclaimer: These are things that have been on my heart for sometime.  So don’t think that YOU are the reason I am writing it)

Five things that bug me:

1.  The craziness that has been going on for MONTHS NOW with the alarms and phone lines around here.  We have beaten our heads against the wall until mine has a permanent mortar line … Our lines seem to work perfectly.  Sometimes the alarms do, and sometimes they don’t.  Could be some of the roadwork going on around here, but we won’t know that until it is all finished, and I might be retired before that happens.

2.  Apathy among God’s people.  There are some fired-up people around this place, ready to charge the gates of Hell with a water pistol.  And then, there are some that ARE NOT.  Some that would just be happy if all that was required of them was sitting in a pew once a month or so, never having to give a dime to anything, and being thoroughly entertained (because, after all, worship is about OUR ENTERTAINMENT, RIGHT???).  I know that disappoints God.

3.  Failure to take responsibility for life.  Too many things I could write here, but the bottom line is IF YOU DID IT, MAN-UP (or woman-up) and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.  You will never grow in life if you don’t.  Your momma or daddy will NOT be around forever to get you out of messes.

4.  Gossip.  If you need to talk to someone about an issue you have with them, please do it.  Sharing it with your Sunday School class, co-workers, or any other group that will lend you an ear is not always the best thing to do.  I have several friends who believe in hitting things head-on, and honestly that IS the best policy.  It might seem abrupt or in your face, but it really is the right thing.  See Matthew 18 if you don’t believe me.

If you DO NOT have an issue with someone, and are just passing along juicy tidbits, please stop.  Gossip acts like a colony of termites in the foundation of any church.

5.  Realize that EVERYTHING you put out on Facebook, Twitter, and any other type of social media IS OUT THERE.  For the WORLD to see.  If Christ is your Savior, be aware that you now have a SOCIAL MEDIA WITNESS to maintain.  Look at your act, and clean it up if necessary!

NOW that those are out of the way … How about five positives and possibilities for Ebenezer:  (be reminded that these are things on the top of my heart and head … nothing official here, just some speculation)

1.  What if we started worshiping in the FLC for more space??  Even if it were at 8:30, with 11:00 still held in the Sanctuary??  Some will like this idea.  Some will hate it.  All it will take is the greenlight from God and people willing to help make it happen (logistically)!!

2.  What if we started a second Sunday School hour??  Maybe we would shift our schedule to something like this:

Early Worship, Children’s Church, and 1st SS – 9:00am

Late Worship and 2nd SS – 10:30am

(And we can beat the Methodists and Presbyterians to the restaurants!!)

3.  What if we started a bus ministry to Creekside?? Maybe another locale??  Would we accept our new guests???

4.  What if we changed some things in our programming and really made a commitment to GO DEEP with our relationship to Christ??  What if we went to a year-round small group format on Sunday nights??

5.  What if we REALLY believed that Jesus IS the only way of salvation and started living like it??  And TELLING like it??

3 Responses to “Five things”

  1. Beverly Shearon August 10, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    I love the idea of small group concept!

  2. T August 10, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    I really enjoyed worshiping in the FLC… I’d love to keep doing that, especially if we had only one service.

  3. Linda B August 14, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    David how I pray I will be able to get in there and help gitterdone one day. Know that my heart is with EBC and all these things you have listed and more can be done. We have such a great group of followers that do the work God put on their hearts.

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