The Second Time

16 Aug

For the second time in her life, we packed Krissy off to Clemson.  Honestly, the second time wasn’t quite as bad … people tell me it gets easier every time.  Now, that doesn’t mean it will EVER be easy, just a little easier.

This weekend went with very few hitches.  Much smoother than last year, and last year we had a ton of FCAers helping to take her stuff up the stairs to her room!  Krissy, Diana, and Jonathan were on campus by 7:45 am, and Drew and I followed with the bulk of the stuff around 9.  We had all of the stuff in the room by 10:30 (except for a chair we had to get from Diana’s mom) and spent the remainder of the day cleaning, storing, and sorting.

I am very proud of Krissy.  My prayer for her this year is that she can focus on a tough schedule and get the job done well!!

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