Durned if you do, durned if you don’t

25 Aug

The story of my life … If EVER there was a living, breathing Charlie Brown, you are reading his blog.  And then I surrender to God’s call to ministry.  And I learn the REAL trap Charlie Brown was in!!

If ever there was an occupation where you are durned if you do something AND durned if you don’t do it, it is ministry.  There are ALWAYS expectations out there that any pastor CANNOT meet.  Why??  Because churches are full of people … people that ALL have different opinions.  For example:  If the sanctuary air temp is 71 degrees, there are ALWAYS people fanning and complaining that it is too hot.  AND there are ALWAYS people shivering and pulling out their Snugglies because it is too cold.  And there are some that think the room is JUSSSSST RIGHT!!!  (We can call that the Goldilocks Syndrome)

When that syndrome is applied to preaching styles and topics, I hear the things I’ve heard lately.  “David is too positive …he never tackles the tough topics.”  “David is too negative … why does he have to be negative.”  “That sure was a good sermon.  Really stepped on my toes.”  Welcome to MY WORLD!!!!

How do I cope?  It’s really not a bad method … I ASK GOD WHAT TO PREACH!!  I TRUST HIM TO GIVE ME THE WORDS AS I STUDY AND AS I DELIVER THE MESSAGE.  I really do believe He leads me in His directions when I prepare.  So, the truth is, if anyone has complaints, they need to take them up with HIM!!!

As long as I remember that I answer to HIM, that HE is my boss, my sanity stays intact ….

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