Constructive Criticism

1 Sep

What is the difference between criticism and constructive criticism??  Two things come to mind.  FIRST OF ALL, subject matter.  Is the criticism being shared a valid concern?  Is it something that will really help a person??  OR is it just a rant?  SECOND, was it shared from a GOOD HEART or in malice??

This week, I had a visitor.  A friend.  What he said to me is not as important as HOW he said it.  He shared a little constructive criticism.  OF COURSE, my initial response was to be defensive.  But, quickly, I realized what he said was valid and he shared it from a place of loving his pastor.  He wanted to help me by sharing it.  And it took great courage to share it.

How did I know this??  I could see it in his eyes.  I could hear it in his voice.  And it made me appreciate him even more than I already did.  It was the way he shared that told me.  Carefully chosen words and a gentle demeanor.  Honestly, I’ve heard much criticism in my day.  MUCH of it through the grapevine.  I also appreciated the fact that he came to ME instead of sharing it in the court of public opinion.

It IS the church BEING the church!  An older brother coming to the aid of a younger brother!  Man, I LOVE my family in Christ!!!!

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