God and His timing

22 Oct

The sermon writing process for me is … well … different.  It’s hard to define.  I seek God and He leads me in different ways, almost every week.  This Sunday I am preaching a sermon about how our judging is different from God’s. And, as always when I preach about judging, I am now praying we will ALL see this as a chance for God to guide us.  Judging is a difficult topic for any pastor, especially when there might be some out there thinking a sermon is being “aimed” at them.  Let me tell you the unique way this sermon came to be:

Ten days ago I was actually working on LAST Sunday’s sermon and preparing for Wednesday night’s prayer meeting, and I suddenly KNEW exactly what I would be preaching this Sunday.  No events leading to it or anything, it was one of those times of God giving me His plan … His SPECIFIC plan for this coming Sunday.  I emailed the info on this Sermon to Mary and Ed at that moment, and it surprised them so they asked if I’d changed my mind for this past Sunday … No, this is for next week!!

I love it when God does that!!  So I ask you to pray with me as we excitedly await what God will do this week at Ebenezer!!!

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