I wondered why God brought me here …

3 Nov

This week I am at the Worship Facilities Expo in Atlanta.  I wondered why God brought me here … Something compelled me to come and I was unsure what it was.  I just wondered if it was because I needed a little break or something … But God had another plan.
Because HE has shown up in a big way.  I don’t know how many churches are represented here this week, but I am finding that many, many churches face the same issues we face.  And we ALL need to refocus on God and what HE is doing.  We as churches try to plan too much sometimes.  Our faith is weak.  We need HIM to make it, NOT US!!!
Ironic that I’ve been working on a sermon for Sunday out of Joshua 24.  And God CLEARLY put some things on my heart from these sessions to share.  It’s almost as if He brought me here to make me sit down and listen to a message I’ve got to take back to Florence.
I am praying for you this week, Ebenezer.  I hope you are praying for me (and you can pray for Robbie and Dean, too)!!!

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