A Deep Thought

5 Nov

Better save this one … I don’t often have deep thoughts.

This week, I’ve done EVERYTHING on my iPad. All of my communication and social media (with the exception of a few tweets from my phone), wrote my sermon, kept in touch with the election and local news. The ONLY things I cannot do with this device are access Flash sites: Unfortunately, several of the video sites I use still use Flash. Hope that changes.

Because, if it did, I really could do EVERYTHING I DO from my iPad!! When I bought this iPad, I also bought a bluetooth Mac keyboard, which has made all of this much easier.

That boggles my mind. In its current configuration, there are a few things that make it necessary for me to have a desktop at work. But the day will come when something like this will be my primary computer.

Coming from a old-timer that got into this stuff in the mid ’80s, that is REALLY COOL. If I could go back to myself in college and show this, I wouldn’t believe me. (But, that is partially because I know me and, well, probably shouldn’t get into that).

And I glance over at my iPhone and wonder how long it will be before I am blogging this same type of thought about that???

One Response to “A Deep Thought”

  1. Flossip November 5, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    I think I am too ADD to use just the iPad. I love it and can use it in lieu of a laptop often. However, I really like having tweetdeck open while I comment here. I like that I can pause to check tweetdeck or that I can answer an IM…

    The multitasking that I need just isn’t there, but I could possibly take a trip without the laptop. Maybe.

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