What are we doing here??

21 Nov

I mean, really … what are we doing??  How can we ever believe that God likes the games we play with Him.  We tell Him we will be faithful, we humble ourselves before Him, but it is only for a moment.  Then, BUSINESS AS USUAL!!  Havin’ it OUR WAY!!  (Just like at Burger King!)

That has been one of the biggest problems with many churches in the US for longer than I care to tell.  We put our best clothes on, spit-shine the buckle of the Bible belt at the holy hour on Sunday morning, and never think about it again.  Until a week or two later, that is.

God is READY FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!  And, for those who think this is a new movement, go read Acts 2!!!  It’s time the church START ACTING LIKE THE CHURCH!!!  And it is an exciting time!!!

Truth is, WE aren’t doing A THING!!  GOD IS IN CONTROL OF THIS ONE!!

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