The Christmas Double-Clutch

6 Dec

Christmas-time is here!!!!  Hard to believe another Christmas is upon us.  From a church calendar perspective, EVERYONE who is somewhat active has A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF TO DO this month.  And it will go by like a flash!!  Will you slow down and see it for what it really is??

Even though Christmas is here, we are STILL CALLED TO BE THE CHURCH in every way!  I am appreciative for over 80 people who want to take their commitment to God to the NEXT LEVEL and really BE the church He planted us to be!  My prayer is this:  As we move ahead, we won’t lose it all in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season!

It all begins with PRAYER.  Prayer needs to be at the foundation of EVERYTHING we do, EVERY TIME we do something as individuals or as a church.  So, as we get caught up in the Christmas double-clutch, don’t forget who we are and what we are called to do!!  And PRAY about it!!

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