For Good OR For Bad?

16 Dec

This entry is SPECIFICALLY for parents, especially those who still have children at home.  This entry is for grandparents.  This entry is for ANYONE who influences a child!!!

At one time (many moons ago), I thought basketball was my life.  Played it since I could stand up.  Played AND coached for YEARS and YEARS!!  So, you might understand why I love this game and the church basketball league has a special place in my heart.  I am thankful for Andrew Parker and the HARD WORK (and THANKLESS WORK) he puts in every year to make this thing happen.  If I told you some of the things he’s had to endure, they would make you blush!!  (Some of them make ME blush!)

With that understood, I don’t think ANYONE can understand how hard it is to run that league unless you’ve done it.  I’ve done it.  Sidney Rainwater did it.  Wes Andrews did it.  Robin Miller did it.  Adam Swindler did it.  Goin back old school, Craig Goss did it.  AND IT AIN’T EASY!!!!

And most of the problems are from ….  you guessed it … PARENTS!  Not too long ago I was sitting at a game and a kid … a YOUNG kid … was sitting in the bleachers near me.  I couldn’t believe the bile that was coming from that kid’s mouth!  It was venom.  It made me wonder if he hates this league so much, WHY DOES HE PLAY??  Sadly, I know there is some influence coming from his folks.  It made me stop and wonder how his life will turn out??

Parents, PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO PREPARE YOUR CHILDREN FOR LIFE!!!  If they grow up thinking everything is everyone else’s fault, they will never learn to function in this world!  And, rest assured, you will be paying bail and lawyer fees well into their adulthood.  I’ve seen it happen 100 times.  It all starts RIGHT NOW!  Watch what you say TO THEM and what you say AROUND THEM!!  YOU ARE MOLDING THEIR LIVES RIGHT NOW!!

Will you do it for GOOD or for BAD??  Jesus asked what parent would ever give his child a ROCK when that child needs BREAD??  Use some common sense and DO THE RIGHT THING!! For their sake!!!

And by the way … IT’S JUST BASKETBALL!  IT IS NOT A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH!!  If you set your kid in the life and death mode for CHURCH BASKETBALL, you are only investing in a future ulcer!!

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