The Last Day of 2010

31 Dec

Man … hard to believe!  The last day of 2010.

I remember, as a kid, thinking about the year 2000.  Realizing that I would turn 34 in the year 2000.  I thought surely it would never come.  I would never live that long …  (I have no idea WHY I thought that.  I didn’t have a death wish, just thought it would be a lifetime away!!)

Those days seem like yesterday now.  My children are young adults (well, Drew is 15 so almost).  Every year flies by faster and faster.  Life does have its ups and its downs.

I now find myself joining many adults in that middle zone … I’ve raised my children, and now with Dad and his NPH I am helping to ease he and mom through the next few years.  Physically and emotionally, its a tough spot to be in …

But today is the last day of 2010.  I am thankful to have lived another year.  This afternoon I will perform a wedding for a young couple … He is in the Marine Corp and stationed in Hawaii.  Praying for them and for all of the weddings I did in 2010.  Praying for the families of the funerals of 2010.  Praying today for my fellow Ebenezerites, that 2011 will be a great year to serve and build the Kingdom of God however He leads.  Praying for the Wike family, that God will reign supreme in EVERYTHING this year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!  (almost!)

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