It used to bother me …

9 Feb

I take my role as a shepherd at EBC very seriously.  And it used to really bother me when I saw people openly thumbing their noses at God.  Making excuses.  It would really bend me out of my frame to have people tell me the reasons why they were unable to attend church, and by extension unable to put God first in their lives, and yet they have the time and money to engage in recreation, travel, livin it up.  And for YEARS it bothered me.

And now, times are changing.  I have fretted over things like this.  I’ve let them get under my skin.  I’ve even let them derail me from doing what God called me to do at times.  And God has finally given me a peace about this.

And, that is probably one of the strangest things you will ever see a pastor write.  But it’s true.  No, I do not LIKE the fact that sheep so openly live lives that are careless toward God.  And toward His church.  I guess social media has made this all the more open and obvious.  But God has begun to minister to me on this and has assured me of two things:

1.  HE will handle those issues.

2.  There are some, unfortunately, that will miss out as He sweeps us up in His arms and moves forward!!

This is still tremendously sad.  But it is a fact of life.  My hope and prayer is that YOU will be part of what HE is doing at Ebenezer (or at YOUR church, wherever that might be!!)  BUILD HIS KINGDOM!!  Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness!!

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