countin the joy

10 Mar

When I think about all the events of the past seven days there is honestly much that could get me down… and it all goes back to me:

Why did I park there?
How did I fall in a spot where I’ve walked a billion times?
Why didn’t I try to spin? Why catch yourself? (BTW that doesn’t work)
How much use will I regain? How many more surgeries will there be?

You see, this could turn into a list of questions that cannot be answered and might never be answered. So, why not count it all joy???

Things to be joyful about in this:

God is STILL on His throne and I KNOW He is at work in this.
I didn’t hit my head and REALLY cause damage.
My right elbow is coming along nicely.
Justin gets some pulpit time.
I get to watch A LOT of college basketball.
The love poured out from Ebenezer and a bunch of other places and several continents is unreal!!!
Drew gets more driving time.
Bill gets more thermostat experience.
EBC has the right staff in place and God is pulling us through.

This list could keep going, but I think the pain medicine is kicking in, so I will get to the point:

My prayer is that God will take this left arm and use it in a way that will bring glory to Him and build His kingdom … and I know beyond any doubt He will!!!!

One Response to “countin the joy”

  1. Elaine Knox March 12, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    You missed one thing – you mentioned love pouring out from several continents but you forgot about international waters, bro! We’re back – glad you’re getting better everyday!

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