SLOW Progress

29 Apr

Yes, therapy progress is SLOW.  The right arm deceived me (although I’m still doing some things with it, too.)

I am moving my fingers, elbow, and shoulder on the left side.  Slowly.  The compression glove is ivory-colored, so it really does make my hand look fake.  Little kids stare.  Adults, too.  I HAVE done my Phil Hartman-SNL-Frankenstein growl and swiped my hand at a few of them.  They laugh …  Dawson Daniel tried to pull the glove off last night in Sam’s.  Says he wants one.  I may give it to him!!

I didn’t expect the shoulder pain…  It is the reason I don’t sleep through the night.  Haven’t done that in 8 weeks now.  Thankfully, the folks at Progressive Physical Therapy are addressing all issues and treating the pain!!  I don’t know how bad it would be without them!!

The final analysis is:

  • I AM making progress, and am thankful to God!!
  • I know as we press on, the shoulders are getting better!!
So time is my friend.  And time is on my side!!!

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