Does God Speak?

9 May

I was talking with a friend the other day when the question arose … Does God speak to us?  Does He answer questions for us?  How can we know it is Him?

All I know is what I’ve experienced in this realm.  My answer is YES, and experience is my evidence!!

Have I ever heard His voice, loud, audible, and deep??  No.  But I know He speaks to us in a variety of ways.  Two decades ago, I was a young man who seemed to have the world by the tail!  I had a great job as a senior systems developer for a small computer company on the outskirts of Spartanburg.  I’d been married for almost four years to the love of my life and had a six-month-old daughter.  And life was good, or so it seemed.  Even though I’d grown up in a strong church in Greenville, I’d only known Christ as my personal Savior for a couple of years.  And beneath the surface I was running from a call that would ultimately lead me here to this place.

It was a frightening prospect to walk away from a great job, making great money, to pursue a call to ministry.  As God and I “discussed” this move, I prayed for a voice.  I begged for a voice.  I never got it.  (I even asked for a billboard.)

What I did get was a clear call and many, many confirmations.  Confirmations from God’s word.  Confirmations from His people.  It finally reshaped the WAY I prayed.  “Lord, if YOU open the door, I will walk through.”  My life has never been the same!

Does God speak???  ABSOLUTELY!  He is speaking all around us!

The real question is do we listen?

One Response to “Does God Speak?”

  1. jess May 10, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    I still remember coming to you asking this same question. I’m not sure I was fully prepared for the answer I got (ha!), but looking back I’m thankful all over again for the honesty and guidance you gave. My life would have looked SO different today had I received a different answer.

    Thanks again =)

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