Why we do what we do

23 May

Ebenezer is blessed in many ways!  Volunteers make 99% of the things that happen successful, and the staff is GRATEFUL!  One of the areas where we have awesome volunteers is technology … As a geek, those folks have a special place in my heart!!

No one realizes the countless, thankless hours they put in working in sound, video, and computer stuff so what happens in worship is seamless and flawless.  The only time they are noticed is when something messes up.  No one ever really notices when things go off without a hitch!  It is the ultimate thankless job!

Sometimes tech teams get discouraged ….  Then, an email like this comes in!  Yesterday I got a message from across the pond:

Hey David!!

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, so I stayed home from my regular activities and just decided to stay at home and rest all day. This morning, I prayed that God would just bless me with a new song today, cause its been a little while since the last time i wrote a christian song. then, i sat down and watched the first service that you preached after you had broken your arms, and God spoke to me so strongly through that message and words just started pouring into my head! the inspiration came from john 5, when Jesus healed the invalid. this is how i know its from God: i finished the whole song in less than half a day, and it is POWERFUL! I’m going to try to make a video and post it tonight or tomorrow, but i just wanted to say thank you for being obedient. I know that God blesses so many people through what you do!


This is NOT me …  Stuff like this DOESN’T HAPPEN without many volunteers, doing their parts!!  It is why we do what we do!

Thanks to ALL volunteers at EBC, whether you are on the tech team, the greeting team, in children’s church, serving in the nursery, and ANYWHERE ELSE serving the Kingdom of God!  To God be the glory!!

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