What a week!!!

20 Jun

OK, I haven’t posted in forever … I know that … But last week was an awesome time of recharging.  So, here goes:

We had two weeks at the beach this summer … The last week of school and this past week.  This only happens every other year, but it sure is fun!!!  Mom and Dad came down for both weeks (at least, part of each week).

Dad is doing well … Stable.  Seems to be holding his ground.  He didn’t do much other than wheel around the condo.  It was good for Mom to be able to get out … have some help … Go a couple of places she wouldn’t normally get to go.  My job was staying with Dad.  We had some interesting conversations!!

I really enjoyed spending time with Krissy and Diana on our walks.  We walked almost 20 miles each week!  Got to talk about a lot of good stuff!  It was a great week … But now, back to the office!

I go back to Dr Mezzanotte tomorrow for the first time in 10 weeks!!  Hoping for clearance to drive, a more definite timeline, and maybe a smaller brace!!  Pray for me!!!

One Response to “What a week!!!”

  1. Pamela Turner June 20, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Sooo glad your vacation was relaxing. Praying for good results with your Dr. app. 🙂

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