Where are you??

11 Jul

For a pastor, Mondays are difficult.  Yes, I know Mondays are difficult for all.  But it’s hard to pour out your heart on a Sunday and pull it all back together to face the baggage that comes along with this office.  Sometimes it’s just too much.

Yesterday I preached a sermon about letting our faith be a lasting faith.  In other words, not only being faithful in hard times but in ALL times.  Colossians 2 was my text.  I really believe God led me there because we are the epitome of a good-time church.  We lean heavily on God in the tough times and then puff our chests out during the good times, forgetting about Him.  I also believe we are a church that neglects each other.  We take forgranted the fact that we need each other.

And there were many, many Ebenezerites that needed to hear that sermon that missed it.  And that really does break my heart.  And it makes me think.

And then the voice of one of my seminary professors rings loud and clear:  “Don’t make any major decisions on a Monday!”  Guess I’ll go have another cup of coffee …

One Response to “Where are you??”

  1. Beverly Shearon July 20, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    Sorry I missed it. Will try to watch it soon.

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