Old Scars

12 Aug

I was in an impromptu discussion of something yesterday and I heard the words … Words I never want to hear again.  “How will we keep the floors clean (if we do that)??”  The scar was more tender than I ever thought it would be twenty years later …

April, 1991, was a painful time in my life.  I witnessed a vibrant ministry of my home church shut down in it’s prime.  The Christian school that had been open for over 20 years was suddenly closed by a new pastor in my home church.  When I went and asked him why, his answer was “we can’t have all those kids running around in our halls and dirtying up the floors.  We’ve got to make ourselves attractive to ‘church shoppers.'”  (That is an EXACT QUOTE.  I will never forget it.)

When I finally answered God’s call, part of what the Holy Spirit put on my heart was to NEVER be that pastor.  I could almost verbally hear God say “I’ve got plenty of men like that.  I need one like YOU.”  In hindsight, that was actually a good thing for me to hear because it revealed his true character to me.

Long story shortened, I think we’ve worked through the questions of yesterday.  And, as long as we have mops and I have one good arm, I will fight to keep viable ministries going.  Even if I have to mop it myself with my one good arm!!!!

One Response to “Old Scars”

  1. Monica September 5, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    The day that particular pastor took over at that church was a sad day indeed. It changed my life forever and not in a good way. Everything happens for a reason, but it was a very sad time. To hear what he told you as to the reason for closing the school I loved breaks my heart all over again.

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