A New Kind of Labor Day for me

5 Sep

Okay, so this is my first Labor Day in which I’ve been able to do only a FEW of the things I wanted to do.  Drew and I have been working in the yard this morning … fighting with the lawn mower (currently, the lawn mower is winning. But the day ain’t over!) I have also discovered that I cannot pull the lawn mower cord without searing pain in my right shoulder … Hope that gets better!!

Anyway, this Labor Day weekend has shown me several things I’m glad to see:

1.  Dad is doing ok.  Not great, but ok.  His memory is starting to go, and that brings interesting conversations.  He still thinks I’m down here in Florence working on an HVAC quote for Ebenezer.  He forgets that I’ve been here over 16 years, with over 10 now as Senior Pastor.

2.  I CAN still go to a Clemson football game and cram into the stands with all of the other sardines.  Diana protected my left elbow at all times.  It was physically tough to do last Saturday with almost 100 degree temperatures.  But we’ve survived to this point!!

3.  I can still play Papa Bear when I need to.  Krissy was riding into Clemson from her apartment with her roommate (who had to work Saturday).  As they pulled into the parking lot, a couple of drunk frat boys opened a taxi door and shattered the mirror on the roommate’s Jeep.  We walked up as the two drunk guys were getting kind of heated.  I calmly folded my arms, got between them (very close to the drunkest idiot) and started calmly talking to them.  They calmed down like a couple of pups.  Every time I walked away, they would get riled up.  And I would walk back over, fold my arms, and get really close to the dude.  He magically calmed down every time.  I was watching to see if he wet his khakis, which I hope he did.  I never told them who I was, but they knew I knew Krissy and Megan.  That’s all they needed to know.  Little did they know I could do nothing more than fold that left arm … Again, they didn’t need to know that.  I kept them calm until the policeman got there and it worked out.

Now I sit here … A little frustrated about the morning, but glad I got to do some cool things this Labor Day weekend.

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