Praying for Courage

15 Sep

That’s what I am doing … Every day.  Praying for courage for Ebenezer.

I believe our hesitancy to completely sell-out to God is a lack of courage … A fear of the unknown.  It is a frightening thing to completely be in the hands of God.  Human nature migrates us towards a need for security and stability.  For some of us, that is a need to be in control.  When we are totally, completely sold out to God, HE IS IN CONTROL!!

When I was a small child, I swallowed a nut.  Not the yummy, salted, roasted kind … The kind that fastens to a bolt.  The nut lodged in my throat and I began to choke.  This was apparently before the Heimlech maneuver was widely known, because as I turned blue my babysitter grabbed me by my ankles, turned me upside-down, and swung my back against the wall.  (I know … this explains A LOT)  It must’ve worked, because the nut dislodged and I turned from blue to red in the face again!  (I’ve NEVER liked rollercoasters, and I wonder if this is why?)

We might feel like we’ve been burned in some way in life, but that is NO REASON to NOT TRUST GOD!!!  In other words, our control issues SHOULD NEVER interfere with our trust in God!!  He is GOD!!  His plan is so much more than ours could ever be!!!!

So, today and everyday, I will pray for courage for each of us that make up Ebenezer Baptist Church.  For me … for you … for them …  When we get to this place where we trust Him we will be so much better off!!

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