Love Really IS the Answer

4 Oct

Love is a verb … Love is the KEY … Love is the GREATEST COMMANDMENT … Love is GOD … Love is a many-splendored thing … Love is a way of life…  And, all we need is love!!!

Ok, I stole that last one from John Lennon, but this list can go on and on.  LOVE is a WEAPON in spiritual warfare???  Yes it is!!  You’ve probably heard me say that just as God inhabits praise, I believe the devil inhabits our conflict when we disagree in ungodly ways.  And, by that I mean when we allow our own pride or anything else to get in the way of God’s will.  And the answer … the ultimate affront to the devil’s schemes … is LOVE.

When we love each other with God’s kind of love, there is NO WAY the devil can wedge himself in.  I believe that frustrates his plans and it helps the kingdom of God grow and flourish.

So, once again, if you ask me … Love is the ANSWER!!!!

2 Responses to “Love Really IS the Answer”

  1. Sharon October 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Love Will Keep Us Together (Captain and Tinelle)

  2. Pee Dee Foodie October 9, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    Love is all you need. (My wife is a big Beatles fan) But seriously, what you said is so very true, but so very difficult to keep in the forefront with the news of the day and the challenges in our lives. The good often gets overshadowed by the bad, and love becomes an afterthought. Thanks for reminding me (and others) of this simple truth.

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