Where it is!!

14 Oct

Yes, I finished my visits to Progressive Physical Therapy yesterday.  After seven and a half months, or 32 weeks, however you’d rather say it.  (32 weeks is actually NOT 8 months … remember, 26 weeks is a half-year or six months)

But am I ALL that I can be??  Is my arm perfect??  NO.  But it is a lot farther along than we ever thought it would be.  I will always appreciate what Pam and the folks at Progressive did.  They definitely went over and above!!  For months!  The last few weeks we’ve prepared for this and done things to get me ready to continue at home.  My elbow bends much more than Dr Mezzanotte ever thought it would … Even he is impressed!  The shoulder is surprisingly stiff and has been the focus of therapy for weeks now.  It, too, has come a long way.  And it can go farther.  That all depends on ME!!!

So, that’s where it is!  I don’t go back to the doctor until next month.  He hasn’t even mentioned joint replacement the last two times I’ve been there.  I know that is out there, but I’m hoping it is a long way down the road!!!

One Response to “Where it is!!”

  1. Heidi October 14, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    I know Pam will miss your visits!

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