A real challenge ahead for the church

17 Oct

There is a challenge ahead for the church in North America.  One like she hasn’t faced in DECADES.  And I wonder if we are as strong as our forefathers were … The survival of the church is in the balance!

With our economy in the pits, we who follow Christ are tempted to follow suit with the world and trust ourselves and our judgment more than God.  This affects the Body of Christ far more than we can imagine.  It’s not just a financial thing, although our faithfulness in stewardship IS heavily affected by this.  This part of the trend is heavily documented, as many churches run behind in their budget giving like never before.

Even sadder is the way this affects our FAITHFULNESS in other areas.  We trust God less and less and therefore step out on faith with Him less and less.  And this directly stifles our effectiveness in the kingdom of God.  Not only are we not giving, we are not doing and we are not going.

If there is ONE THING God demands from us, it is our ABSOLUTE and TOTAL TRUST.  Nothing less will do.  And then we will GIVE, GO, and DO.  And my prayer is this challenge will be met and overcome.  SOON!!!

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