24 Oct

Numbers 32:23 warns us to “be sure your sins will find you out.”  Be SURE … CERTAIN our sins will catch up to us.

The writer of Numbers, inspired by God to write this (as the ENTIRE Bible is inspired by God), is reminding us there are NO secret sins.  God knows EVERYTHING said in secret, done in secret, even THOUGHT in secret.  This adds an element to life we don’t expect.  It is a certainty that MANY men and women have taken secrets to their graves, secrets NO ONE ON EARTH COULD POSSIBLY KNOW.  But God knows.

When we try to hide sins, we are just fooling ourselves because we CANNOT FOOL GOD.  God knows EVERYTHING.  He is not bound by time, space, or dimension.  He knows our thoughts way before we think them.  He knows our motives, our agendas, and when they don’t line up with His will … and when they don’t build His kingdom … He is NOT AMUSED.  Because our sin is repulsive to Him.

I was talking to a friend recently who is very concerned about some getting away with some very ungodly behavior.  It looks as if they will get away with something with no repercussion.  But NEVER FORGET THIS:  GOD IS IN CONTROL.  He is STILL on His throne and His justice will be complete.  And we might never know about it, but God WILL have His day.

Be SURE of that!!

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