You’ll only reap what you sow!!

26 Oct

Lately I’ve been reminded of this fact over and over again … Something I wish wasn’t true, but it is!!  And there is nothing anyone can do about it but YOU.

YOU will only get out of any relationship what YOU put in.  That goes for marriages, friendships, and YES, even church membership!  You will only get something out of church membership IF you are willing to put into it.  Rarely does it work for someone to come to a church long-term, only sit on a pew, and have a lasting relationship with that church.

If you don’t connect, if you don’t find a small group of friends, you won’t last.  And that is on YOU.  If you are coming to church to make your momma happy, or anyone else outside of YOURSELF, it will probably not last.  It will probably never work.  In fact, if you are coming to church for any other reason than to WORSHIP GOD, you are coming for the wrong reason.

You will only reap what you sow.  In any relationship.  What are you sowing at church???

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