Seeing things God’s way

3 Nov

Last night, we began a short study on Matthew 5, 6, & 7 (the Sermon on the Mount).  I love how Jesus began that discourse with the Beatitudes.  He basically set the tone for the entire sermon by saying “Everything you THINK you know to be true might not be.  You think the meek are downtrodden, but I tell you they will inherit the earth!  You think those that show mercy will be mowed over, but I tell you they will receive mercy!”  And on and on.

Jesus was spurring His disciples to realize that God sees things differently than we see them.  And Jesus would go on in the sermon to tell them exactly what that meant:  “You have heard it is wrong to commit adultery, but I am telling you it is wrong to even LUST after another woman!”  Jesus was telling them all it is our HEART that matters to God.  And if our HEART is in the right place, our actions will be, too!

Some might think it IMPOSSIBLE for us to really see things God’s way.  It would be impossible to see things from His perspective, because none of us actually ARE God!!  (Although some of us might want to be!!)  TRUE … But, why don’t we start praying to see things as God WANTS US to see them???

If we all pray that, it might just change the world!

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