Why so serious???

15 Nov

We are now at the end of another home football season for Clemson.  Honestly, I’m glad … This one has worn me out!!  It’s really difficult to run up and down the road on a weekend and then be in the pulpit on Sunday morning for business as usual.

Something happened this weekend that just confirms some of my theories about life and football.  Theories that believe people take all of this WAYYY too seriously.  Theories confirmed in responses about the Penn State scandal and reactions to Joe Paterno’s release from that school.  People, WHY are you so serious about football??  Would you really allow 22 college kids the opportunity to “ruin your life???”

All season, there has been this guy behind us.  He has been so unhappy to be there I’ve wondered why he pays money for tickets, because if I hated it that much I wouldn’t be there.  He is the guy who “could beat this team with a bunch of junior highers!”  He is the guy who was FURIOUS with our coach for clearing the bench in one of the home blowouts, hoping Dabo would “learn his lesson about the BCS and running the score up.”  Obviously, he knows more about football than anyone else in Pickens County.  (And before you Gamecocks laugh too loudly at this, I personally know SEVERAL of your fans who are just like this guy, too!!)

The Wake Forest game was different.  An ACC division title on the line.  You would hope Clemson would step up there game.  This guy sure did.  He was wound tighter than any other time this season.  He was belting a variety of profanity that made you want to ask, “Do you kiss your momma with that mouth??”  And he was doing it with maximum volume.  Right in our ears.

Diana and I began to discuss it during the game.  She told me she was going to say something before the day was over.  So, sure enough, at one point when the Tigers made a mistake and he started yelling at the top of his lungs, “You’re KILLING me!!!”  Diana turned around and politely said to him, Well, you’re killing me.”  He was STUNNED.  Just looked at her with saucer eyes.  I added, “Its the cussing, man.”  His wife poked him with what seemed to be an “I told you so.”  He shut down.  I wondered if I was about to get punched.  For the rest of the game, he behaved and we quietly thanked him afterward.

But, it brings me to this one question for all of us today …. WHY ARE WE SO SERIOUS ABOUT THINGS THAT REALLY DON’T MATTER????  Jesus told His disciples after His encounter with the Samaritan woman that the bread He had was to do the will of the Father.  That IS ENOUGH to satisfy life.  And I can assure you, Tigers, Gamecocks, and every other school represented that reads this, that sports CAN NOT FILL THE VOID IN YOUR LIFE that will only be filled by DOING GOD’S WILL.  PERIOD.

Think about it …

2 Responses to “Why so serious???”

  1. John Lee November 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    It is sad to think, but football or some other form of entertainment is all some have to look forward to. Perhaps this explains the manner in which some people get way too far into it. I am glad to hear that you were able to diffuse the situation David. On my last visit to Death Valley Kristie and I had a belligerent, obnoxious individual in front of us. Very early in the game he was cheering raucously and I guess at that point I didn’t mind so much because we were all excited, after all it was the Clemson / South Carolina game. The problem was that just as soon as I cheered for the opposition he turned to me and screamed at me, “You’re NOT gonna yell at me!” I unfortunately I do not possess your patience or long enduring kind demeanor and responded in kind. Luckily Kristie had the right frame of mind and reached out to his wife with this quiet and kind plea,”Please ask your husband to sit down and calm down. I have not been to a Clemson game for seven years and even though my husband is a South Carolina fan he has driven me here to see this game and I would like for all of us to be able to enjoy it.” I am not so certain if those kind words changed the situation or if it was what Kristie said next (which causes me to reflect upon who and how I am), “If he doesn’t sit down we are all going to miss the game because my husband will most assuredly punch his lights out.” The shame of the matter is that Kristie was very correct in her assessment. I guess the point I am trying to make is that yes, there are those who place their treasure in the wrong places and that truly is the saddest thing of all, but also disheartening is the fact of how we as God’s people interact with those who aren’t. Just a thought. Peace and blessings to you, John

  2. Amy Lauren November 21, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    You’re right, it’s not just Clemson fans- the last Carolina game we went to, there was a fan near us who was the same way toward Carolina. It gets me when “Stand Coaches” think they know it all. Obviously if he was the biggest football expert on Clemson, he’d be on the sidelines and not in the stands… trust the coaches to make the right calls and the players to do the right things, there really might be a reason why certain plays aren’t run, etc. In the end, it’s only a game… you win some, you lose some. And why can’t we all just get along, LOL…

    The Penn State controversy is just so, so, sad =(.

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