Cooooolllllldddddd Water

21 Nov

We had a baptism service at Ebenezer yesterday.  The happenings at our baptisms themselves could compose a book.  At every wedding I let the bride and groom know that something little WILL go wrong, and that’s okay!  That really is true about baptisms, too!!

Yesterday during Sunday School, I went to retrieve my waders and white robe from the baptistry.  When I opened the door into the little hallway, I heard it:  SILENCE.  I then knew something was really wrong, since there is usually a slight hum from the circulation pump.  Our baptistry is equipped with an in-line water heater that does a good job of keeping the water at the set temperature.  Sometimes the temp is set a little too high … then I feel like a lobster by the end of the service.  Sometimes a little too low, then it doesn’t really bother me but the candidates all turn blue.

And then there was yesterday.  Not only was the pump off … and the water heater off … There was NO WATER in the baptistry!!  Our ancestors would’ve said “So what!!  Go down to the lovely waters of Jeffries Creek!!!!”  Uh … no.  It’s so murky and dark down there the GATORS won’t even go in.

Ed and I decided to sprint to the finish.  Ed turned it all on and I prayed … HARD … that it would fill up.  After 30 minutes, it was up about 18 inches.  I was estimating that it might get up to three feet before time to baptize, due to the fact that the area gets wider as it goes up.  And I prayed.  I asked God, “Please increase that water pressure!!!”  Geometrically, there seemed to be no way it could fill up before we would need it (estimating based on the first 30 minutes of filling).

Right before I got up to preach, I heard someone turn the water down.  I almost went back there to tell whomever did that to leave it running, but questioned “what difference would that really make?”  I figured it was what it was, so I got up and preached.  And hustled back to change.  When I finally got to the baptistry, I asked “How full did it get??”  Billy Rolfe answered “It’s full!!”

I had warned the candidates in advance that it would be cold.  And that we might have to really work with  the small amount of water we would have.  And God did TWO things with it:  HE FILLED IT UP … and HE MADE IT TOLERABLE (or, maybe I went numb).   He answered my prayer and then some!!!

And we baptized nine people into our family yesterday.  My first baptism since the great accident of 2011.  With the state of my arms, I wondered if I’d ever be able to baptize again.  God does it again!!

And I’ve never been so thankful for a pool full of cold water!

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