Beware of what you buy on the Net!!!

29 Dec

Yesterday we FINALLY got back from Easley.  A day later than I’d planned, but that is another story (for me, it felt like that movie “Trapped in Paradise.”)  I was FINALLY able to open one of my Christmas presents that I purposefully waited to open … A Sony Blu-Ray player with internet streaming.  I was so excited!!

I opened it, wired it up, and began the setup.  And something wasn’t right.  The model of blu-ray player we bought had built in WiFi so I wouldn’t have to run a CAT5 line from my router to it.  This one didn’t seem to have that feature.  As I browsed through the setup, it finally occurred to me to check the model number on the front of the unit.  And that explained the entire thing:  The blu-ray player, which was in what seemed to be an unopened box with the right model number and right documentation was the WRONG PLAYER.  As a matter of fact, it was about $50 less of a model than the one for which we paid!!!

Diana contacted Amazon.  She thought she’d bought it directly from them, but instead it was from someone who sells through them.  They sent us a prepaid return shipping label and assurances that they would credit our account once they receive the box.  And THEY would straighten this out with the vendor.

It made me wonder how many people might’ve bought this equipment, and if not looking for the very feature I needed, would’ve installed it and been none the wiser.  I know had my parents bought it that’s exactly what would’ve happened.

So, the moral of the story is:  CAVIAT EMPTOR!!  (Isn’t that what Mike Brady used to say??)  Let the buyer beware!!

One Response to “Beware of what you buy on the Net!!!”

  1. Dolly Sarrio December 29, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    Sad, but happens more than people realize. I spend half of my time returning and contacting even CEO’s trying to get the right thing done. Hope you get your credit and your player soon.

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