Ministry should build the kingdom

4 Jan

One of the principles of ANY ministry MUST BE building the Kingdom of God.  If it doesn’t build the kingdom, in some way, then the church shouldn’t be doing it.  Period.  This is a guideline that we, the staff at Ebenezer, has tried to live by for YEARS and YEARS now.  We believe in it and we weigh everything against it.

I love basketball.  I played in high school.  Started coaching while in high school, and continued for years afterward.  I’ve really enjoyed watching my kids play and love it.  And, honestly, I love college basketball more than any other sport on TV (YES, more than football.  Go figure.)  That’s why it is really hard for me to write this, but I am personally having a hard time seeing how the youth basketball league at Ebenezer is building the kingdom.

I KNOW it does good things, like bring families into our church and other participating churches that might not come in otherwise.  Maybe that is enough.  But it seems to me the problems are getting worse and some other churches are not willing to be part of any solutions.  In fact, one church in particular seems to be involved in most of these types of problems.

The most recent disgusting event (the events get more and more disgusting every time) is a coach in one of the younger leagues that told his team to take a certain player that was really good for another team out.  “Draw blood if necessary.”  By the way, they did flagrantly foul the kid and put him out of the game.

REALLY MAN???  Is winning THAT important to you??  Is that what this league means to you??  To your church??  I can tell you with all certainty if he were an Ebenezer coach, he would’ve coached his last game.

I am praying this week that his church will take this matter as seriously as it actually is.  I am praying that all churches who participate will look at this league and see it as a tool to build the kingdom, not an avenue to put another trophy in their trophy case.

And, come to think of it, maybe the solution is not dismantling the league, but disinviting churches that refuse to see this as a ministry??  Hmmm … interesting thought.

One Response to “Ministry should build the kingdom”

  1. Brad Kempson January 4, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the matter. My kids have been involved for several years now and I too have seen the win at all costs attitudes. I thought it was a great league for development and learning fundamentals and sportsmanship. I was witness to some nasty play and a very nasty incident myself. Maybe the coaches need to realize it is not for their glory or maybe the leaders of each church involved should be more attentive to who is running the teams that “represent” their church. It is a sad thing to see in a CHURCH league. I am praying that this situation is resolved and the glory of God is prevalent in this league.

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