My Bride

26 Jan

I love my wife!!  She is the perfect compliment to me.  It’s as if God put US together in the Garden of Eden.  She helps make my strengths stronger and she shores up my weaknesses.  She celebrates my victories and picks me up when I fall into the pit.  She is my best friend and my most serious voice of reason … and I trust her words.  She really is like Wonder Woman.

Don’t believe me??  We are almost at the end of a two-week stint of keeping her 19-month-old nephew.  Long story, but she is helping her mother out who had hip replacement a couple of weeks ago.  And she has taken this task on with great resolve and done well.  And it makes me proud.  Proud that she has such a love for her family and is willing to do all that she does.  I see the love of God and the heart of Christ in her all the time.  She does more than talk about it … She LIVES IT.

Neither one of us is perfect (yeah, y’all KNOW I’m not).  But she’s pretty close!

One Response to “My Bride”

  1. Martha Stroud Vaughan January 26, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    You are absolutely right. She doesn’t ask “what can I do”, she just does it. I love that in her!

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