Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way!!

6 Feb

I was talking to a friend yesterday about missions … and he was on a roll.  He said something that rings true, no matter how you slice it:  When it comes to missions, you either need to GO, SUPPORT IT, or MOVE ASIDE (Get out of the way)!!!  He’s right!  There are only three positions on this issue … Now, in the community that is a group of people focused on Christ (a church), we will try to carve out many positions and perspectives.  That is natural because we are a GROUP of IMPERFECT PEOPLE.  But there are really ONLY three valid responses.

Life in a church really is the same way.  You SHOULD either lead, follow, or get out of the way.  Truth is, you can do much more than these:  You can be a sniper, that takes shots at things from afar.  You can be completely apathetic, and not care if the place burns down around you.  You can be an arm-chair coach, that questions every call and critiques every play.  (Reminds me of the guy that sat a few rows behind us at Clemson games that SWORE he could beat that team with a bunch of 8th grade girls.  He was a REAL joy.)  You can be a comparison shopper, that always knows of a church that does it much better than the one you are a part of.  You can be bitter about the past.  You can be doubtful about the future.  You can question the abilities of those God has called as leaders.  You can do a variety of other things that do not focus on God.  ORRRRRR ….

You can acknowledge the fact that your church IS NOT perfect, but be glad God has given you a church family.  And you can jump in and LEAD … jump in and SERVE … be a part of the SOLUTION, not a perpetuator of the PROBLEM.  There are problems in every church.  The Lord KNOWS Ebenezer has it’s share of problems!  Why are there problems in every church?  Because NO CHURCH IS PERFECT.  Every church is made up of imperfect people.  So, you can ask God “Where can I make a difference?” and when He shows you, jump in and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Part of the SOLUTION, not a perpetuator of the PROBLEM.  Which will you be?

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