An update on Dad and Mr Lefty

15 Mar

It’s been a while since I did this, so I thought I would blog a little update on where Dad is medically and where my left arm stands right now …

Dad is physically doing well.  From a memory standpoint, not so much … He has been in therapy to strengthen his legs and is physically able to do more than he’s done in a while.  He is still in a wheelchair, but they’re working on his ability to get in and out of a car!  If this all works out, Mom will be able to use her Buick to take him on shorter trips with the help of a transport wheelchair (which will be a little lighter).  All of it still concerns me, because Dad’s ability to get in and out of the car is  heavily dependent on him NOT being tired.

I call them everyday.  And almost every day I have to remind Dad that I live in Florence and I have to remind him of what I do vocationally.  I know this is tough for Mom, because it’s getting tough for me!  But, honestly, it’s not about me …

As far as my left arm goes, I guess not much has changed.  I’ve been out of therapy for months now.  I haven’t seen my doctor for months.  So far, no pain.  Even though its been more than a year, the swelling is STILL going down weekly.  I can see new visual signs of that almost on a weekly basis.  I cannot straighten my arm, and the doctor does not want me to do that.  He says the cartilage is messed up pretty bad in that elbow, and I don’t need to do that.  Also, if it pops out of joint I will be going DIRECTLY to the hospital, and then DIRECTLY to surgery.  Been there and done that once.  Don’t want to do it again!!

This is funny now, but I wasn’t too happy when someone tried to manually straighten my arm in the office hallway one day.  it was a well-meaning person, but OOWIE did that hurt!!!  A few weeks ago I tried to put on a sports coat.  Did not hang right because my shoulder is still goofed up.  I even went up a size or two, and it still didn’t fit right!!!  Thank God for my doctoral robe.

People act surprised that I don’t have pain, but I honestly don’t.  Hope that doesn’t change anytime soon!!!

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