Long overdue

30 Mar

This is the first blog entry for the week. And it’s Friday. I haven’t really had writers block, so to speak, but this has been a week full of things about which I just can’t blog. Come with the territory as a pastor. Honestly, this week I strongly considered starting that anonymous blog I’ve always threatened to do. But that would never work: I blog from my heart and would be too easily figured out.

I can say this has been a week of pinnacles and valleys. There have been great victories and I passed through a few mine fields. And there has been heartache. But, again, it comes with the territory. But no complaints here!! Just happy to live to serve another day!

This week I visited a great influencer of me when I was young. He is much older now, in poor health, and struggling. But he will always be my pastor!!! And Eddie Greene will probably never know (on this side of eternity) what a tremendous influence he still has in my life. I’m thankful for pastors like him, like Lonnie Shull, like John Dill, who helped me when I was a young Christian. They taught me stuff you just can’t learn in seminary. Every time I walk into a hospital room or a situation in which I minister, they go with me… Whether they realize it or not.

And I know my responsibility is to pay that forward to the next generation.

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