A REAL God-thing!!!

18 Apr

I had not planned to write anything today.  Honestly, I haven’t written much over the last couple of months.  Sometimes there are things a pastor cannot write about, especially under his own name.  This has been a few weeks of those kinds of things stirring my heart and mind.

Today started out particularly tough.  Several things on my heart with which I am struggling.  And, honestly, there are only a couple of people to whom I can turn with stuff like this.  But I wasn’t about to do that.

So, I am sitting here at my desk a few minutes ago, working on my sermon, and I go to retrieve an email I sent to myself yesterday (yeah, I’m weird like that) with some research for the sermon and I see this email from an good friend (who I haven’t talked to in a while), who is several hundred miles away and several states away!!  It says:

“You are really on my mind this morning.  Praying for you and your family.”

WOW!!  God had him praying for me at 7:30!!  And that is about the time I really started grappling with this!  I sent him an email back, telling him this was a “God-thing” because I’ve got some stuff in my heart.  I thanked him.  He responded:

Well just know that you are being lifted up!  I was reading my devotion at my desk here at work, and all of a sudden just got this real sense of “Pray for David”.  It was very strong.  And who am I to argue?

Really miss all the folks in SC!  We have to get down there soon, but have so much going on right now.  But it is definitely on the list of things to do!
Take shelter under His wings today.”
All of these wise and encouraging words came from my good friend, Mark Plunkett.  Ebenezerites know him as Kristina’s dad.  I miss that dude, and sure hope he WILL come see us soon!  But he made a HUGE visit to me today over email!!!
God knew what I was facing.  And, once again, He looks out for His children.
Today, I am thankful for people of God who are obedient!!  Hope you have a great one!

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