Good side effects

9 May

There are some good things about my injury.  In a strange and amazing way, it pulls our family closer together.  A perfect example of that would be the Great Hot Water Heater Catastrophe of 2012!!

We have a two-car garage, yet we park our cars outside.  Why, you ask??  Because our garage is basically a big storage unit. There are toys, furniture, and other things in our garage.  So imagine our surprise when the hot water heater tank rusted out and was running like a waterfall on Monday afternoon??  You guessed it, we had to pull all of that stuff out of the garage before we could even get to the heater.

So there we were … looking like the Clampetts.  Some of our neighbors got whiplash as they drove by and whipped their necks over to see.  Two or three stopped to ask us if we were having a yard sale!!  (SOON … soon)  One church member stopped and asked if we were moving!!  (Not sure how to take that)

But, in every way, we had to work as a team.  All four of us.  Even as we removed the old heater and put the new one up on the stand.  As we plumbed it and connected the gas.  As it filled up.  In every way, it was a team effort.  And after we cleaned up and put it all back, all four of us were absolutely worn out!!  Even Bailey, who got to stay outside all afternoon, was tired!!

And, as much as I hated that happening (and HATED to write a check for the replacement), it was good to work together with my family!!!

One Response to “Good side effects”

  1. Sharon Hutchinson May 9, 2012 at 6:50 am #

    No pictures? I want a photo to match the mental picture of the Wike/Clampetts.

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