Four funerals and a wedding

14 May

That’s not really the exact count, but we sure have had a bunch of funerals in the EBC family lately.  I did have a wedding this weekend, and I must say it is nice to wear the robe for a HAPPY occasion!!

Funerals are for us.  Those who remain.  Once someone steps through that final door of life, we remain and are the ones in need of comfort.  Fortunately, all of the funerals with which I’ve dealt in the last few weeks have been for people knew Christ.  We no longer have to worry about them … they are in His hands and in His care now.  But we are left to remember, to celebrate, and to mourn.

And I’ve had a bunch of friends left to remember, celebrate, and mourn lately…  My prayer list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  And that’s ok!!!!  (But, Ebenezer … let’s agree not to have any more deaths for a few months.  You guys ok with that?)

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